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  • No description can do justice to a Biriyani. Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with exotic spices, layered with meat / Chicken marinated in yoghurt, Birista, spices and dum cooked in a thick gravy, slowly to make exquisite Biryani

    Chicken - Rs.1250/- per Kg

    Mutton - Rs.1700/- per kg

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  • A traditional dish from the Bohri kitchen, also known as 'Dal chawal palidu', A bohri treasure meant to be gorged on together. Kuddal: layers of rice and gram pulses infused with herbs & spices. It can also be prepared with mutton / chicken pieces Palida: a drumstick gravy to compliment the rice - a sambhar like gravy

    Plain, Rs.900/- per Kg

    Chicken, Rs.1250/- per Kg

    Mutton, Rs.1700/- per kg

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  • Tender succulent Whole piece of Lamb Raan marinated in Indian herbs for 5-6 hours, grilled and topped with lip smacking sauce

    Rs.1600/- Per Raan

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  • I called for only 1 portion thinking not many people will have it as we met after lunch. But everything got over within 10 mins. Everyone in my office loved it.

    Aarti Fortinet, Lower Parel

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    Chunky Pandey, Ashok Salien, Mumbai

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    IIT, Mumbai