Our Story

Once upon a time, there was an old, chubby Kakaji, he loved food, any time anyplace. This Kakaji, always had a something to say about the food he ate, whether roadside or in a restaurant and would always have a way of making it his own in his kitchen back home.

Kaki stood by his side, helping him experiment and cultivate every dish, sharing his love and passion for food and in turn feed people around them. Kaka always looked at food as an opportunity to connect with people and spread the love for food. He shunned everyone who told him to hold his tongue and control his diet. Kaka believes that a hearty, scrumptious meal is everybody’s fundamental right every now and then (in Kaka’s world every two hours :P)

Here we are with Kaka+Kaki’s love for food, their secret recipes, and infectious spirit. Kaka Kaki is a vision to bring people together through food and share moments of joy with a Bohri spin on it.

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A Bohri is known for his/her love for food and peculiar dishes or a spin off on existing dishes. Dawoodi Bohras believe in community eating and are also known for the way they eat our food in The Thaal.

Thaal (A big steel plate), typically seats 7/8 people and everyone shares food from the common plate central to the feast. A five/seven course meal at your mercy to gorge on, no rules, no limit.

Kaka Kaki thrive to awaken the Bohri within you and make you experience Bohri food in form of individual meals or serve your pack of foodies(party/catering orders)

Mr. Hozef A Darukhanawala

A foodie, a chef, a giver and a fighter is what Mr. Darukhanawala represents over the years.

Currently the MD of a listed NBFC and the Partner in Ambrosia. Mrs. Darukhanawala has only one complaint from him, she says “For the past 30 years, I love the bed tea every morning but, he spends more time in the kitchen than our room!!”

Hozef has seen it all and done it all; his physical disability never stopped him, began by operating a roadside MAFCO outlet, then worked in a hardware store, served in a corporative bank as Vice Chairman for 30 years and sung in movies, but, his undying love for food has pulled him to hospitality after all these years. And now he has decided to feed the world the food he grew up eating, the Bohrie food but with his own twist. Because what is food without a personal touch?