Curated Menu

Kaka Kaki believe in the power of personal touch, hence, this menu comprises of curated dishes.

These are dishes that Kaka Kaki will whip up this week and deliver with love.

The curated menu changes every week.

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Main Menu

The complete list of everything Kaka Kaki write in their secret recipe diary. You can order from this list as a pre-order for parties or for a thaal.

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The Thaal

Thaal is large round metal plate, where the family sits around it helping themselves from the same dish, course by course to have any meal of the day. Its considered to be a symbol of unity, equality and sharing. A square cloth called safra is placed on the carpet, and raised metal or wooden round called kundali is placed on which the thal is kept. Even on a daily basis, if a dish has been placed on the thal, there must be at least one person seated before it as food must not be ignored and while the other person eats, one can't get up when done.

Every meal starts and ends with taking a grain of salt which is believed to clear the taste bud and cure many diseases. Another important traditional is of eating sodanna which is basically cooked rice sprinkled with granulated sugar and ghee (clarified butter) to start the meal on special occasions.Then comes the elobrate Mithaas, Kharaas, the main course with soup & salads, ending with Paan or Mukhwaas.

The Thaal